**this webpage has no association with the gambling commission whatsoever it is regarding failure for Medical Self Exclusion and Failures to Self Exclude by Gambling Websites - we understand that each juristiction should have one in place- we would like to legally challenge any failures and flaws that we encounter - along with a review of the publics personal details shared across gaming networks, we offer freedom to explain your situation if you have not been helped with regards to any situation with a gambling company online, so as a group we can expose this.**

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Here we can find current news and a list of sites and gaming networks that have broken terms and conditions, failed to self exclude players, harass and share players information without consent, advertise to underage and allow underage gambling through use of mobile phone credit.


And mainly failure of historic self exclusion.

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By guest, Nov 10 2017 12:53AM

Your here because the system has let corruption and greed fund the pockets of the bankers and the corrupt business corporations that claim gambling is a fun and safe past-time.

It got you at any age, for no particular reason, except you were bombarded with advertising and spam mail from black hat sources that offered you free money.

It took your time, your friends, your family from you and was endorsed by the Gambling Commission in the UK with sites mainly based in Malta with the MGA - (the same Malta Gaming Authority that take bribes and are basically a corrupt organisation with Ecogra their little puppet website that helps regulate all the mistakes they make)....

The government sanctioned this to happen, it benefited from the tax for the sake of the public, it has caused mental and physical health issues, suicide, relative poverty, absolute poverty and when a company such as Cassava or 888 fails to self exclude their players for around 10 years from all sites and confiscate deposits at random and will, who is left to protect us online.

The banks will not protect us, they will benefit from our debt and give us loans and more overdrafts to further the debt, they will work with the cashiers who look at the screen when you are in the bank to monitor what you are doing with your money, they will not step in to help.

Maybe you are getting constantly harassed, maybe this harassment has been going on for a long time, that your email and private personal details have been sold to other websites.

Some of these websites are free to do as they want as they reside in Curacao and Costa Rica, an area of non-regulation ie, simply put nobody knows anything except that it harbours the worst, most corrupt, dodgy, fake gambling sites, with fake pirate netent gaming software that will rob you and there is literally nothing you can do, except contact your credit card provider and try and stop it- if you are unaware, which most people may be, they will get ripped off and lose their savings, money for food, money for childrens shoes, money for warm winter clothes, money for heating oil, rent money... leading to stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health problems, physical health problems...

Who is to blame, overall.... who is responsible???

The Gambling Commission.

...lets ask them to help compensate us. Let's tell them what a low budget job they have done, lets review the people in charge - the officials, who they represent?

Lets all file a lawsuit and in doing so, lets protect the next generation and our kids. Nobody is legally challeging this body that represents more government corruption that leads right to the centre of deprevation.

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